Case Studies

Bringing production online quick, efficiently and in compliance

ATex is working hard to optimize the facility construction process and ensure all aspects of the project are within compliance. We are staffed up to be able to handle as aspects of the upstream surface project.


Green Field Facility (STX)

April 2018 until Present

ATex has helped build dozens of central and wellhead facilities to support 100s of wells in the Eagleford/ STX play. We have spent years understanding the challenges the area is faced with and work hard to provide the highest quality at the lowest cost design. We have also completed vast procurement support for the clients in the area and have strong relationships with vendors all across the great state of Texas.


H2S Contingency Plan + Full H-9 Submittal+ T-4 Submittal

August 2020

We worked to complete H2S contingency plan, H-9 submittals and T-4 submittals for over 120 sites and 12 pipelines in the STX area. Upon finding some minor deficiencies, we were able to engineer safety valve solutions around new regulations and worked with Texas Railroad Commission to get documents approved and client within compliance.


Designed Trunkline Flowline Addition and Brownfield Upgrade

May 2020

In a cost sensitive time (price of oil below 0), we were able to design efficient solutions to reduce clients capital expenditure and bring online a new well by utilizing and refurbishing existing equipment. We ensured the design of the existing facilities were sufficient and replaced thief hatches and PSVs that impeded the safe operation of the facility. Lastly, we were able to design a VRU system to remove tank emissions and reduce the sites overall emissions.



July 2020

After multiple acquisitions and constructing new facilities, a client's SPCC plans were disorganized and incorrect. ATex was brought in to update all the plans and correct the issues we had found during an audit. We were able to not only complete the plan but oversee the projects to fix any containment that was undersized or incomplete. We also generated an inventory list and full plot plans and maps to accompany the plan.